Demonstrated Excellence in Patient Care and Meeting National Standards

The Perinatal Center at Ball Memorial Hospital has received ultrasound practice accreditation from the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine in recognition of meeting national standards set by the diagnostic ultrasound profession.

“This accreditation award gives assurance to our patients that we are providing the highest quality ultrasounds and that we are committed to continued advancement in our practice,” said Joseph Landwehr, MD, perinatologist and medical director of The Perinatal Center at Ball Memorial Hospital. “Effectively and safely meeting patient needs, accurate diagnosis and consistent, excellent patient care remain our objective at The Perinatal Center.”

Margie Pyron, RN, CNS, manager of The Perinatal Center, said that the 9-month long AIUM accreditation process involved a complete review of The Perinatal Center’s sonographers and physician, physical facilities, documentation storage and record-keeping practices, policies and procedures, quality assurance methods and ultrasound films.

AIUM accreditation means that The Perinatal Center at BMH continues to review department strengths and weaknesses and to initiate changes for improving and strengthening overall operation; all as part of meeting the growing needs of patients as the number one priority.

“The Perinatal Center is one of only 15 sites in the state of Indiana that are AIUM accredited,” said Alexis Neal, RN, MA, senior administrative director of the women/children service line. “It is also one of only nine Level III Perinatal sites in Indiana.”

Both of these achievements demonstrate the high level of care available in Muncie at Ball Memorial Hospital, equal to that available in Indianapolis, Landwehr said.

Accreditation by the AIUM is received only after an ultrasound facility demonstrates its clinical excellence and commitment to the highest quality patient care when providing diagnostic ultrasound services. Therefore, AIUM accreditation gives patients the assurance that a facility is qualified to perform their ultrasound examinations. An AIUM-accredited facility must apply for re-accreditation every three years.

Accreditation by the AIUM is voluntary and available to practices in the following areas of ultrasound: abdominal/general, obstetrical or focused obstetrical, gynecological, vascular, breast, or any combination of these areas. Although many general radiology departments are ultrasound accredited by the American College of Radiology, most obstetrical practices prefer AIUM accreditation, Landwehr said.

The Perinatal Center at Ball Memorial Hospital is also an accredited site for first trimester ultrasound screening; and all of the sonographers at The Perinatal Center are American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers certified.

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